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      Innovation, Integration and Inclusion are the key drivers for the future of the Post


The Universal Postal Union (UPU), in its draft World Postal Strategy for 2017–2020, has identified postal industry reform as the key driver for the future. In its blueprint, Vision 2020, the UPU focuses on Innovation, Integration and Inclusion as the main factors that will drive postal business in the future.

The future of the Post strongly depends on its ability to innovate and create new products and services. One of the keys to innovation will be the Post’s capacity to embrace new technologies and transfer its trusted brands to the digital space.

As we celebrate World Post Day today, Seychelles Post can look back with satisfaction on a rich history of communication in Seychelles and has always been able to find its place in both local and international market.

Indeed, the Post can pride itself on being the oldest medium of communication, one that still plays a key role in the sending and delivering of information and goods.

From liberalization to privatization and the emergence of competition, the Post has faced many challenges. Today, the traditional postal business line – letter post – has been greatly challenged by faster and more efficient ways of communication thanks to advancements in information and communications technologies. Postal Operators have taken these challenges as opportunities to innovate and establish new market segments.

With the United Nations’ new Sustainable Development Goals, which have been embraced by world leaders, the Post today has an even more relevant role to play as an infrastructure for development. Given its universal nature, the Post is best placed to drive the economic, social, financial and digital inclusion of the citizens of the world. Achieving success in this area is one of the best ways to ensure the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, for the benefit of the global community.

As Postal Operators we must focus on innovation, integration and inclusion in our business to create a strong Post for the future. Only in doing so will the Post be able to achieve success and maintain its place in the world market, with a presence that continues to be visible and relevant.

Postal Staff let us keep our hearts and minds open to provide a high level of postal services to our customers.

We wish you a happy World Post Day and a happy Post Office Day!