Direct Mail Marketing

Do you want to advertise, disseminate information to the public or communicate to your customers directly?
Direct Mailing is a convenient way to target high potential customers by advertising your products/services through leaflets, brochures, flyers and cards. It has become the medium of choice for marketers who want a better return on your investment because it goes direct to the people most likely to use your product or services.
The Seychelles Postal Services offer Direct Mail, a service uniquely created to cater for all companies from the small enterprises to large established organizations.
SPS has1870 private letter boxes and provides door to door mail delivery service across the country.
All you need to do is…………
Prepare your printed materials according to your target audience. Hand them over at any Post office counter and we will distribute them for you at a reasonable price.
Use the power of Direct Mail to boost awareness of new products or services.
This service is available at all Post offices.

International Reply Service

Are you traveling abroad? Would you like to pay a return postage for an item from anywhere in the World? The International Reply Coupons are exchangeable for Postage Stamps all over the world.
Available in card format, the International Reply Service is an easy and sure way for your customers to reach you at no expense to them. You can use International Reply Coupon to initiate customer service, request information, research the market place or identify customer needs.
Available at all Post Offices in Seychelles

Franked Mail

For the busy mail registries in Companies and Government offices, a franking Meter Machine provides a faster, more convenient alternative to affixing postage stamps on mail. Franking meter machines are available from authorized dealers and come in sizes suitable for customer’s needs. A license is needed to operate a franking meter machine through the Seychelles Postal Services.